February 17, 2009

pages and tips: nichol magouirk

Today we bring you pages and tips from the very talented Nichol Magouirk! Nichol never ceases to amaze us with her creativity and Project 365 is no exception. Take particular notice of what she did with the third spread. She mixed up her journaling cards and photos into the different spaces. Very cool! And be sure to check out her blog, because she will be sharing some more 365 pages very soon.

Thanks for giving us a peek at what you're doing Nichol!

Here's what Nichol has to say:
I guess I'd say that I "borrow" photos (like the movie poster) from online (never other people's photos unless you get permission first). Also, I carry my portable little Canon Powershot with me EVERYWHERE. So much easier than my big Canon SLR. I don't miss photos this way. And finally, take a look around and capture things other than just the super cute things your family may be doing. I have photos of food, flowers I received, a big mess in my studio, etc. All those little things really make up who we are. :)

I did blur out my flight itinerary. :)

Sorry about the crummy scanning job, cut off some of the bottom of the journaling cards.

Saturday's journaling card is one of those longer ones because I had a lot to write about. I wasn't quite sure how often I would use those but I can see they will come in handy every once in awhile when I'm long winded. ha!

I worked on trying to get some photos of me this week (which I hate, but did anyway). :)

I also switched up the design a bit and put some photos down in the smaller pockets and journaling up in the larger ones. I like a little variety. ;) Oh, and I included some memorabilia this week, too. Our ticket stubs from the movie. I'm gonna try and do that for all movies we see this year, a nice way to remember all those films we go to. :)

February 10, 2009

pages and tips: laura vegas

We have the privilege of hearing from Laura Vegas today. She's sharing some tips and some of her Project 365 pages that she's created. She's done a wonderful job at capturing so much of every-day life. Laura is a fabulous designer and we're excited to have her share her wisdom in the wonderful world of 365.

Thanks Laura!

here's some of my pages and explanations that I've posted on my own blog:

week one. i chose to start my album on january 1st ... so there are only 3 days to this first week. i'm starting on the front side of the first page protector ... which is perfect for the three days. and then i'll add a regular sized page protector to the front of the album later ... and make my own title page.

week two. these were really hard to get a picture of. those white things on the bottom of the picture ... those are my toes. i had the album laying on one of the stairs. and i was balancing on another stair ... and on my tippy-toes trying to get the whole album in the shot. yes, i'm on the short side.

week three. as you might have noticed ... i did add a few brads to the first week or two. not sure if i'm going to do that to the other pages. for now, probably not. i don't want to get halfway in and have the album bulk up too much. i think it's going to be good just with the 52 weeks of photos. but i might go back and add a few things ... never know.

week four. i also decided to use the black "day" stickers on the photos ... and the clear circle stickers on the journaling cards. i punched small circles from the extra pattern paper sheets that came in the kit ... using my 5/8" punch that i had. the stickers are a tad bit larger than that ... but it's the only punch i had. then i just drew a rough circle around those stickers.

week five. feel like i should make a few more comments ... but i think it's all pretty self-explanitory. lol!

here's my two tips:
i keep telling people NOT to stress about taking a photo EVERY single day ... and that it's ok to skip here and there. for the first few weeks, i was really good about getting a photo every day. but my last two weeks, i wasn't quite so good about it. but i didn't stress or worry about it. i just took my camera out at the end of the week, walked around the house, and snapped all my photos at once. it doesn't make the album any less meaningful or change the idea behind the album. i'm still documenting our lives and all the little things that have gone on during the week.

the other has to do with staying organized and completing my album. i take my photos during the week. and then every saturday, i upload and order my photos from costco. so i'm only working on the album once a week. i add all the photos and fill out the journaling cards. and it only takes about 15 minutes to do. i also have been uploading my photos for the week to my blog (every saturday), along with more detailed journaling than i might write in the album. just another spot to keep them together and be able to look back on.