April 9, 2009

Project 365 - Getting the Shot

Check out Ana Cabrera's tips and projects for Project 365

"If you are anything like me... the biggest obstacle I have with keeping up my picture a day is remembering to bring my camera with me. Sure, I can get a last moment shot at home.. but there are plenty of moments out in the world that I want to capture.

So I started by creating this super simple reminder. I hang it on the door leading to the garage, that way... I can remember to grab my camera amidst all the chaos my three daughters can create trying to get out the door.

It took 2 min. I mounted the "Project 365" card onto a scrap piece of cardstock and used letter stickers from my stash. A little twine from the kitchen, and now I almost never leave without my camera!

The other issue I have is remembering all the little details from my week. I can hardly remember what I did 20 minutes ago! So made this little holder for my journaling cards. I just tuck it into my camera bag and I journal right in the moment. I also used one to create a little minibook of my "mama". She is a little camera shy, so I don't have nearly the pictures I should. This little book however holds some of her funny sayings, pearls of wisdom, and quirky quotes that we have come to love.

Making it is VERY easy.
I used a transparency sheet from the "Just for Fun" kit - but you could use patterned paper or cardstock of course.

Simply cut out your material using this pattern. Fold at the center lines, and close with brads, ribbon, decorative tape.. etc.

Now you have a cute little holder to tuck in some of those extra journaling cards and tri-folds

Finally... don't forget those CAMERA PHONE pics! When all else fails.. I always have my trusty camera phone. The images have gotten way better, but they will still print out itty bitty. Try printing them out as a contact sheet and cutting out your favorites from the week. "


  1. Very cool ideas!

  2. I like the camera phone idea. Some times all it takes is a small image to speak volumes.

  3. Thanks for showing more p365 ideas!

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  5. Great ideas Ana! You always come up with the most clever creations.

  6. love the p365 ideas, maybe some more soon :)??!!!

  7. I only just today ran into this KOTM PRoject 365 and was immediately sold to the idea. I am sooooo disappointed the kit has sold out :((( It is unclear to me though whether or not it'll become available again some time?? I hope it will be, I am so looking forward making a great year overview this way!