January 28, 2009

photo tip: get YOU in the photo

Before sharing the photo tip for today, we wanted to answer your questions about seeing more Project 365 pages here on the KOTM blog. Well, that’s a tricky one since we didn’t get hardly any samples in-house due to the sell-out. It’s not that we don’t want to share, it’s that we only had a couple kits to spread around as opposed to what we’ve been able to do in the past. So as the couple artists that have them make their pages available to us, we’ll for sure be sharing them here!

Also, many of you are asking questions about whether or not you actually have a kit, whether credit/debit cards have been credited/charged, etc. Unfortunately, there’s nothing our team can do as far as checking orders for your customer service questions. The most direct route in finding an answer regarding your order is to call or e-mail the fulfillment partner (see contact info two posts below)...and we realize that hasn’t been easy either. There are CK Media people working fervently on trying to correct the customer service and quality assurance issues (empty boxes???) for both past orders as well as hopefully eliminating any future problems.

As for creating a full digital version of Project 365, it is something we are still thinking about, but nothing has been determined at this point. We have had a free partial download available for a couple weeks though. You can find out more about it in this post here.

So now let's continue on with sharing Project 365 tips and ideas here on the blog. Here’s one from Loni Stevens:

Okay, so I know this isn't the first time you've heard this, and I'm sure it won't be the last, but I think it's worth mentioning one more time, at least from me.

Make sure to include photos of YOU in this project!

Don't be afraid to ask someone else to take charge of the camera so you can be in the picture. Or, if nobody else is around, set up the tripod or place your camera onto something stable and use the self-timer, or do the good ol' outstretched arm method! That always works. Whatever it takes to get yourself from behind the camera, right? Another fun gadget I ran across recently through my friend Viv that I thought was pretty cool is the XShot. You attach your camera to a pole, one person holds on to it, and extends the camera far enough out so several people can be included in the shot. If you happen to get the pole in the photo, you can always crop it out like I've shown below.

Whatever your method, make sure to get yourself in the photo! :)

And here's the XShot in action (photo from the XShot website)


  1. Another great photo idea! I have one of these extenders and love it!

  2. Please please please can you make available a just a few more of the cards that go in the journal spots in the album....the other download only had journaling cards....there are only 7 days in a week and those of us that are doing our own books using the download need a colored or decorative card to put in the 8th slot...please please please and pretty please..
    Thank you

  3. Your comment about the status of the kits isn't doing it for me. This past Friday, I called Customer Service. Despite my credit card being charged on 1/1 and having my order number available, customer service was not able to find my order in the computer. A supervisor was supposed to call me back. I've not received a return phone call yet. On Tuesday, I emailed the Fulfillment Center and CK Media. Still no email response or phone call.

    I'm okay with my credit card being charged on 1/1 as long as a kit is coming. I'm okay with not receiving a kit until sometime in February. All I want to know now is whether a kit is coming or not.

    I have a hard time understanding how it can take four weeks to determine who has a kit coming or not. Maybe what is going on behind the scenes is worse than we can imagine and/or there are really serious problems at CK Media and the Fulfillment Center.

    I have been a long time subscriber of CK. I've attended a CKC and two CKU's. I've ordered past KOTM's. I read the message board quite often and post now and then. As a customer of CK, I, unfortunately, do not feel like CK cares about me right now. My opinion is that if CK really cared about me as a customer, they could tell me whether I have a kit coming or not. Four weeks is plenty of time to figure this out. In the future, should I deal with a company that is having so many computer problems that they can't answer my question?

  4. i have never heard of that nifty tool... thanks loni! :)

  5. Any possibility of a re-order? I'm still taking pics and holding out hope! (If there is anyone out there willing to sell an extra kit, I'll take it! Just leave a comment for Lis in MD on this blog - I check it daily! THANKS!) Otherwise,CK PLEASE do a reprint!!!

  6. I was wondering why someone would use a camera pole instead of a tripod - but after seeing the pic of the couple on the rocky trail, I can see why a pole would be better (because how could you set up a tripod on such a rocky surface).

    I never liked myself in photos (most people don't, right?) but must say I've made sure to include myself in a least one photo a week and now I'm really glad I am doing that!

  7. I would LOVE a full digital version of Project 365 and would be willing to pay for it! I am thankful for the free downloads, but would love more variety! Thank you!

  8. Thank you for mentioning the XShot and glad you liked it.
    It is indeed a great tool for a 365 project, for photos and videos.
    We just wanted to let you know that we offer free shipping until Valentine’s Day on the XShot 2.0. http://www.xshotpix.com/
    Thank you and continue your great blog!