January 1, 2009

today's the big day!

A message from Becky:
Hello to you! It's great to see you checking out the brand-spankin'-new KOTM blog. Check here for all the latest information regarding any and all kits we offer through the Kit of the Month program. This will be the place to come.

Today is an exciting day! I'm thrilled that so many of you are interested in and excited about Project 365. Some of you may have already begun your project (you don't need the kit to get started). While you wait for your kit to arrive shortly, just be taking a picture or saving a piece of memorabilia each & every day. You can even jot down a few notes if that helps you remember details for when you receive your kit and need to catch up on those little journaling blocks.

I want you to have so much fun with the process of Project 365! Stay in tune with my blog (www.beckyhiggins.com/blog) for additional ideas.
A message from the KOTM team:
First off, everyone's enthusiasm for this kit has made this project that much more exciting! I think we will all be able to support each other in our quest for creating this time capsule of our lives. We'll keep each other on track for sure!

We'd also like to address some questions you've had here on this blog. But first, we'd like to let you know that Becky Higgins has also included a big Q&A on her blog here and we've added a link to it on the side of this blog as well.

"How much is shipping?"
Unfortunately, shipping always depends on where it's being shipped to, so that's something we can't say. That goes for international too.

"Will you be shipping internationally?"
Yes. However, because the online store cannot take international orders at this time, we have this phone number available so you can place your order: 720-374-3628.

"I can't leave a comment for Becky's contest."
From the looks of things, Blogger was probably very busy that afternoon. Some people did say they received the error, but the post saved anyway. Check for your name in the Comments of her blog and/or try leaving a comment again. If you're still unable to leave a comment, we'll be sure to get you entered.

Once again, we love hearing your expressions of enthusiasm over this concept! Becky is definitely the queen of organization and this kit is a result of that. Be sure to check both Becky's blog and the KOTM blog regularly for many ideas and tips & tricks.

Have a Happy New Year!


  1. I am incredibly excited! I think this kit tops the school years one! I'd love to see it offered year after year because it is a FABULOUS gift for one's own family as well as for a a friend. Cheers and Happy New Year!

  2. I'm one who has been unable to leave a comment for the give away (boo hoo)...

    love the kit, thanks for the inspiration. Susan

  3. Is it time to order yet??? I can't wait to get this kit and get started! Here's to a wonderful New Year for all!

  4. Love the kit... thanks for the inspiration. Susan

  5. I've never been so excited to start a new kit! And I was really excited to get the school kit. I have loved every KOTM I have purchased so far. Thanks so much for providing such terrific and creative scrapbook items. Kristie

  6. I am sad to see the kit sold out so quickly. I hope that you guys are able to restock the item.

  7. I am beyond excited for this kit to arrive! I truly have not been this excited for a project in years, in fact, I havent even scrapped in over 5 years!!! seriously! so thank you!

  8. I got it! I actually bought two...one for me and one for my friend who's expecting baby #2. She journaled every day for her daughter's first year, so I know she will LOVE this, yet never buy it for herself. I am not sure who I am more excited for: her or me. We are spending New Year's Day together, so I hope I can keep my mouth shut!

  9. I'm hoping that the kit will be reprinted as well. It is already sold out.

  10. Hum, apparently CK did not (again) anticipate the demand for this kit. Well, luckily I have more than enough stash to make my own kit. Guess I saved $50.

  11. I was totally bummed - I couldn't even get on the site for almost 30 minute and then it was only to find out it was gone. I had been hoping to buy one for myself and one for my parents who are spending a year in Bagdad soon.

    Hope you restock soon.


  12. I am frustrated that this kit seemed to have sold out in less than 15 minutes. It took over 30 minutes to even get to the website to then find out it was gone. They must have expected the amount of people who would be on-line trying to order this morning. Now it is a "pre-order" item, but I am not even finding where I can place my pre-order. Please help!! I really want this kit. You guys did a great job talking it up for the last month.
    Covington Wa

  13. Hey Everyone,
    I was getting my family ready for my husband's deployment to Afganistan in a week and saw that the January kit was sold out fast.
    I was really disappoited. I was hoping to keep a journal log while my husband was away and show him what we did. I thought the kit was very perfect for me with my life as a single mom of 8 children for a year would be...
    Anyways, if anyone has an extra kit on hand that they might not be using, could I buy it from you? thanks, Debbie Belanger
    e-mail mom.belanger@gmail.org or belangerd@glenburn.net