January 26, 2009

we are here

We are reading your questions and concerns, however, nothing has changed over the past couple weeks.

1. We are still checking into whether or not we can do a reprint. There’s so much more involved in the process than just “reprinting it.” There are no immediate plans, but that can change in the future. We just don’t know yet.

2. Any customer service issues still need to be handled by our fulfillment partner:
E-mail: CreatingKeepsakesCS@Holdenmss.com
Domestic calls: 800.453.1173
International calls: 720.374.3628
[Phone line hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. MST, M-F]

3. We are monitoring this board and making sure that concerns, especially regarding the fulfillment side, are being forwarded on to those that need to know.

4. Still continue to check out Becky’s blog for all her ideas and tips using Project 365. Since this is her kit and she had begun promotion on it before the KOTM blog was in place, we wanted her to continue to be that source of inspiration and information on 365. We’ll still continue to share tips or pages, however, we thought it best to keep most of the information in one spot vs. going back and forth...with this kit, in particular.

Please know that we are here and we are listening.


  1. All I want to know is when the official date for backorders to ship will be. Please don't try to credit and then debit our credit cards again. I think that would lead to more problems!

  2. Lisa- Just heads up that I've already been credited and told I will be charged again when it ships (mid Feb. they are currently saying). So it's too late to stop it. I've been "assured" I'm still in their system and will the kit.

  3. Just make sure your "fulfillment partner" is answering emails. It took me 2 weeks to finally here something back from them. Not a great turn around if you ask me.

  4. And, now, ladies and gentlemen, the truth:

    From: Sharon [mailto:rileighjr@cox.net]
    Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 7:32 PM
    To: Joannie McBride
    Subject: Project 365

    What's the deal? Still no word.

    Are you going to make more kits or not?

    I have subscribed to your magazine for several years now and am extremely unhappy with this whole fiasco.

    What's even more frustrating is NO WORD out of Creating Keepsakes. I have read "We are working on it." That's not good enough. What does that mean? Will we EVER have another opportunity to order this kit?

    Information would be good here.
    From: Vivian Grothe
    To: rileighjr@cox.net
    Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2009 4:24 PM
    Subject: RE: Project 365

    Hi Sharon,

    Due to our production process and the way the KOTM program works, we order kits according to what we project our requests will be. We are always working a few months in advance. While we knew this kit would be popular, we were simply overwhelmed by the demand for Project 365. All this interest even caused the website to crash. Now, as you see, we have sold out in just a few short hours—a new record. We are just as excited as you are about this amazing concept and we want you to be able to save your year’s worth of memories with this wonderful kit. We hear your demands and are making all efforts to have a game plan in place to order more soon.

    Please know that the frustrations you’ve expressed do not fall on deaf ears. We do hear them as we try to improve the process each time.

    Please be patient and stay tuned to Becky’s blog and the KOTM blog for additional information as soon as it becomes available. She also has some free downloads available here:


    Please feel free to contact me with any further questions or concerns,

    CK Media
    From: Sharon [mailto:rileighjr@cox.net]
    Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2009 5:23 PM
    To: Vivian Grothe
    Subject: Re: Project 365


    Thank you for your response. However, I'm still hearing the same ole, same ole. "We . . . are making all efforts to have a game plan in place to order more soon." What efforts? What game plan? What is your definition of soon?

    Not trying to shoot the messenger here - just trying to get some concrete answers. I still don't have an answer to the most important question, "Will additional kits be available and if so, when?" Even a "yes" and a ballpark estimate would be welcome at this point.

    Thanks again for responding so quickly.

    From: Vivian Grothe
    To: Sharon
    Sent: Monday, January 26, 2009 12:43 PM
    Subject: RE: Project 365

    Hi Sharon,

    I guess to be more precise the answer would be we have no plans to make this kit available in the immediate future. When we wrote the original response we thought we might do a re-print but that is not an option right now. That’s not to say we wouldn’t do it in a year’s time or something.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions or comments.


    CK Media
    So, there you have it. No more kits - and they're still promoting it in the dadgum sidebar.

    I support Becky Higgins 100% - she should start her own magazine. I am extremely grateful for the free download and am making do, because I can!!!! I have had several friends who are not scrapbookers look at my album and say, "I want one of those." Well maybe someone else can come up with something similar - Becky?????

    I will NOT renew my subscription to CK (I'll just wait and buy them for $1 at my LSS when they have a "Trash to Treasure" sale.)

    For those of you on "backorder," I wouldn't hold my breath.

  5. About time they give an honest answer...what took so long? I guess it's much better to just keep people guessing and make everyone more and more aggrevated than to just come out and say we screwed up & no we don't plan on fixing it anytime soon!

  6. Thanks Michelle...I guess we will have to wait and see since we can't get any real answers. John told me too that we would definitely get the kit and our orders wouldn't be lost. I hope that he's right! I would just like to see an official posting with a concrete date from this site or Becky's and if our backorders aren't filled our money refunded correctly.

  7. Here is a suggestion. This a whole kit has been a mess. But for those of us who did get the kit it also has been disapointing to see so little on it. One tip a week is not exactly stellar for such a great project in demand. Take the ball and run with it. POST LAYOUTS --get those designers to show us what they have been doing. Where are Beckys and Lisas actual pages? A picture of the tv set of Obama is not exactly a stellar tip.
    Lets see how they have all used this kit??Adding anything extra to it ???
    For those of us who were forutnate to get a kit in the mess have been left hanging.........this is suppose to be a big sharing project. When we buys kits we are also buying them for ideas, following along with a whole year full of ideas, layouts and designs. Otherwise we could have just done it on our own without your kit.
    IT should not be just Becky----all those ck desingers have kits....post the finished pages ----almost 4 weeks and barely a glimpse into completed pages.
    You have lost digital scrapbooking mag and simple scrapbook mag now......
    Pick up this ball up and run with it!!!!!!!!!

  8. I understand having Becky continuing to show samples and ideas, but I don't really understand why you guys don't want to share your ideas too. ... it is the KOTM blog, the January KOTM is the 365 project. :) Pretty please share more ideas! The more ideas, the better! I feel like you guys are hiding... come out come out wherever you are :) post ladies, I would love to hear more from you!

  9. People...go elsewhere...there are so many quality, higher quality products out there...I found them

  10. So as I understand it. Those that got charged for a kit but didnt get a kit are being refunded and then charged again in February. Well, what about those like me that have been charged for a kit and NOT refunded and promised a kit in February???? So since I have NOT been refunded, will I be charged again in February when my kit finally ships????So that means I will be charged twice for one kit?????

  11. When are the back orders shipping? On January 7th I was told that the charge on my card would be reversed within a day or two and then charged again in 4 weeks when the kit was shipped (approx. the 1st week of Feb.). I never got the credit and I am hearing on message boards etc that the kits won't arrive at your warehouse till the middle of February.

    Please set us straight...when will the next shipment start to go out?

  12. Those still frustrated, especially people who have gotten EMPTY boxes, charged too much and not refunded, received a statement on their credit card with the charge and still no kit, etc. File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. As you can see, CKMedia is not doing so hot with the BBB. They are not accredited, but they are reviewed here:

    The complaint is sent to the BBB and the company contacted with your complaint. So come mid-Feb, even if you have finally gotten a kit (I'm on backorder but not very hopeful at this point), tell the BBB and company your experience and hopefully this will save some others the pain of the KOTM in general.

  13. I am very disappointed that it took 26 days to provide an honest answer. Many of us have been checking daily to see if you were going to take preorders for the next "printing." It didn't take that long to reprint the school kit, so I am pretty certain it can be done. Yes, it may cost more, but I'm sure you see what people have been willing to pay for a kit on the secondary market. Based on the e-mail posted above, it sounds like you are excited to cause this mess again in January 2010! I think you have alienated many of your loyal customers.

  14. I am soooo disappointed. I was really sure they would figure out how to do it...like was said, the School kit was reproduced in a short order of time and this one has had even more response. I am so glad to just know to stop checking, stop wasting my time and move on.

  15. Amelia,

    Do tell us where - and I agree w/Michelle. Let's flood the BBB with our experience.



  16. Here is an email I got last week-ish, it says the kits are on their way from China. So which is it? Are they making them again and they are on their way? Or is this a total Lie??
    Hello Carrie,
    Thank you for your order of the Project 365 kit. We recognize ordering this kit has been a frustrating experience, and apologize for the inconvenience. We must also apologize for another mistake that has been made on your order, as we inadvertently charged your credit card prior to your order shipping. Your order is in "pre-order" status pending the shipping of your kit. Unfortunately, your order was processed as if it was a live order, and your credit card was charged. To rectify this error, we will be reversing all Project 365 kit charges that are now on pre-order. This process may take up until the end of this week to be completed.

    After January 26, please take the time to review your credit card transactions and confirm that the charge has been reversed. If it has, no further action is required by you. If the charge has not been reversed, please contact us so we can immediately reverse the charges.

    The second shipment of Project 365 is currently in transit from China. Our shipper is estimating delivery to our warehouse by mid-February. After the shipment is checked in, within 48 hours we anticipate being able to process your order. When your order is shipped we will charge your credit card.

    If you have questions, please e-mail CreatingKeepsakesCS@Holdenmss.com. In the U.S., you can call 1.800.453.1173, or for international callers only, you can call 720.374.3628. Phone line hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. MST, Monday-Friday. Please refrain from contacting individuals at Holden Corporate as they may not be equipped to adequately handle your inquiry.

    We made mistakes with the launch of Project 365. We know that. You know that. We want to express our apologies and let you know that we have learned valuable lessons from this experience and will be making changes to our process so as not to repeat them with future kits.

    We appreciate your continued support of the Kit of the Month program. Until your kit arrives, please keep working on your Project 365! To help you stay current with your journaling we have posted a selection of downloadable design files from the kit on both Becky’s blog (www.beckyhiggins.com/blog) and the KOTM Blog (www.kitofthemonth.blogspot.com). Becky will also continue to share tips and ideas on her blog.

    Thank you,
    The Kit of the Month Team

  17. Sharon....

    We R Memory Keepers and Ultra Pro www.ultra pro.com sell 4x6 divided page protectors that are 12 by 12 in size. They will fit into a three D-ring album. I went on E-Bay and found a wonderful little scrapbook store. They sell what they call "Share and Tell" albums by Pebbles Inc. The Share and Tell concept is scrapbook as much as you want or as little as you can. You can intermingle 12 by 12 pages and 4 by 6 divided pages. They also sell 4 by 6 journaling cards w/lines and 4 by 6 pre-cut papers. They have themes I like "Theodore" the best. They also sell coordinating papers that are 4 by 6 size. Pebbles Inc. also has coordinating ribbon. 4 or 5 themed ribbon sold on a plastic card. Very nice!!

    There are down sides (more money out the door, missing date stamp, no ribbons) to not getting the Project 365 and you miss some of the perks with the kit, but you have something to get you started. And if you didn't want the word Project 365 on the front of your album, in large lettering, you will have a nice solid color of your choosing.

    I have been a strap-hinge and then a top loader with posts scrapbooker. I have never used a 3-D ring. But there are some very nice albums out there. Cloth covered, leather, patterned albums

    On Ebay Creative Framing and Scrapbooking an Ebay store


  18. Wolfcamera has both the We r Memory Keepers and Pebbles line. The shipping is very reasonable and with $100.00 your order ships free. This month scrapbook things are 20% off. I've order from this company many times and have been 100% satisfied.

    At one time, they told me that the kits were all in the warehouse and was just taking awhile to ship. I don't believe that one anymore! Yeah, I don't think I'm ordering the Feb. kotm whatever it may be!

  19. Carrie - The ones coming from China are for the people that are on backorder from Jan. 1 purchases. Not a new request, it's just the original CK order from China coming in stags, if that makes sense.

  20. Uggh...I am frustrated. I got an email last week that I was getting a refund...it hasnt shown up yet on my account. But why on earth are they refunding me just to recharge my account again in a few weeks. They kept the $$ this long, whats a few more weeks. Makes me wonder if I will really get a kit.....very disappointing!

  21. KOTM Gang

    How about posting some of the designers kotm layouts. Where are they all. This has been going on for four weeks and I can count the completed layouts I have seen. Lets see how they are using the 365 kits and working with it......post them here in the kotm blog

  22. What I want to know is did I get in or not. I received a confimation email on Jan 1st. Then on the 3rd I received a second email confirming that I did get a kit and the total cost. A week and a half ago I call the company because others are starting to get their kits and no word yet. They tell me they have no record of my purchase. Then last week I get an email stating that I am in the back ordered group. I also sent the company an email requesting info and never heard back from them. This is the first time I have ever tried to order from creating keepsakes and am getting very frustrated with the run around right now.

    All I want to know is if I have a kit or not.

  23. Hello Vivian, I am confused by the above comments, and would just like to be on the same page.

    After an hour of attempting to order the kit I rec'vd the confirmation.

    Yesterday morning my account was credited a refund.

    Does this mean that I will not receive a Project 365 kit?

    Thank you.


  24. In case anyone has the same question as Jenny (I've answered her on Facebook), I was told by the customer service rep that when the backordered (we ordered in the first hour...not sure how we got dumped into the backorder pile!) shipment arrives, they will hit your credit card again when they send it out to you. So, yes you still (should) have a kit. However, I was told I would get a call back from a specific person there re: my unique situation. I am still waiting almost a week later. IF I do get mine, it is immediately going up on eBay or to a private party (I'm creating my own digital kit/version). I refuse to do business with this company ever again. I have *tried* over the past 1.5 years to be patient and understanding during their growing pains. It has not improved and it actually has gotten worse. Their lame "I'm sorry" apologies with no follow through is inexcusable.

    Good luck to those on backorder..hope we get what we were promised (complete kit and in good condition)!

  25. I am really hoping that you are going to make more JPGs of the kit available for those of us who did not get the kit. I would be willing to pay for them. Please, please consider it! Thank you!

  26. What a mess. Shame on CK for all the dishonesty.

  27. I tried to order a kit the morning of January 1, but couldn't get anything. I decided to wait until I can get a kit to start the project. I don't mind starting in June (my anniversary) or my birthday in July, or whenever! There are so many people that want this kit, I'm sure they can be made. I realize it will take some time. What is the problem? If there are so many people willing to pre-order, why would any company not produce more?

  28. The headline of this specific blog says "We Are Here" and I am wondering where the heck here is. I have sent numerous e-mails to the address listed asking for an update and have gotten NOTHING. It seems the problems that began in January are still there and I am seriously frustrated. Is anyone else having this problem? Why has there not been any current updates in several weeks?
    I can totally understand why the ranking with the BBB in Utah is an F.
    Susan - Oregon

  29. You're here? Really? Where? I've sent several emails to CS and received ONE back. That was over a month ago. I want to know what's going on! It's practically March, for heaven's sake! If I've got to get something else, let me know so I can get started already!!! I'm supposedly on BACKORDER. They said they'd be arriving mid-February. Well, that's come and gone and still no word. WHAT IS GOING ON!!!

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