January 21, 2009

project 365 photo tip

Did your Inauguration invitation get lost in the mail? Didn't get that front row VIP seat next to Magic Johnson, Dustin Hoffman and Oprah for the perfect photo op of this momentous occasion? Forgot to even take a picture of the television? Try looking on the internet for images from the day to use for your "Tuesday photo." There are many great photos out there!

This photo was just way too cute!


  1. These images are cool but keep in mind that at 32K and 48K file sizes, they are not even good enough quality for a decent 4x6 print--it will be very fuzzy and pixelated!!

    The only solution might be to print it this out at its file size (so it will print VERY tiny but quality will be good) on your printer, and then zoom in with your camera and take a picture of the printout. This would give you an image of good enough quality for a 4x6 photo. Obviously with that process it still won't be stunning, but do-able.

  2. p.s. 1024x769 pixels is basically the minimum resolution for a 4x6 print. This is usually in the realm of 250K (but varies depending on picture content). You can search flickr and look for some inauguration photos available in these sizes or larger but be careful of the copyrights and usagee, read those. Here's one that someone took of their TV and I think it turned out quick cool and artsy!!....


  3. Thanks for the idea of Flickr. I was having trouble finding a good photo - either in composition or resolution - that I wanted to use.

  4. i love that flickr photo thanks for sharing

    michelle uk

  5. Any plans for another order of P365 yet??????

  6. I just got an email from CK media. It said that they were reversing all the charges to the credit cards because my kit was in the backorder group and never should have been charged until it shipped.

    Problem is, I have already received my kit. Why on earth would I get an email saying this as I wasn't in that group that had backorders? I am so confused.

  7. Nope. No more plans to order more kits. They are just too weak to say it.

  8. smileyfish---Well isn't that nice. And I AM on backorder, told twice on the phone that my credit card would be credited now and recharged when it shipped (mid-Feb). And I go NO e-mail whatsoever regarding it and still have the charge. It's practically too late to credit me now. They really have no clue how to conduct business.

  9. Well, I received my box yesterday for the 5 kits I ordered for myself and 4 friends. What is in the box? Only the PaperGourmet book I ordered even though the invoice claims 5 kits were included. INSANE. They said they would have them shipped by next week. Do I believe that for a second???? NO WAY! They were easily able to charge my credit card but act like it is so complicated to ship a box. It is truely a family joke at this point and I have no clue what to expect next.

  10. Smileyfish, I too received an email similar to yours and I also have already received the kit! Have you talked to anyone from customer service about it yet? I emailed them back saying that I have already received my kit and that I do not want another kit. Makes me wonder if there are more kits available than they think they are. Who knows - so confusing.

  11. Jewel, I'm just going to leave it alone at this point. I guess if I do somehow receive another kit, I can just sell it to someone who wanted one in the first place for cost, no crazy ebay pricing, just what I would be charged. But it would have made more sense to put, this only applies to the truly backordered kits and those that have already recieved theirs, please disregard. Frustrating.

  12. i too received the email saying charges to my credit card would be reversed also and recharged when my kit had shipped. i already received my kit on the 9th of January. i also emailed and told them i already had a kit and don't want another one. i'm just seriously confused.

  13. So I'll put my name out there again for anyone that might have an extra sent to you. I'm willing to pay the kit price, your shipping costs from CK and the shipping costs to me. Please keep my email in mind if you get an extra. drcean@yahoo.com

  14. And I am on backorder and got no e-mail and still NO credit. Obviously they sent an e-mail out to the wrong "group" and ignored the right "group"---because they are idiots. I am tired of being nice I guess. *sigh*

    Lisa- Someone Becky's blog had similar situation---their box from CK supposedly containing her kit was EMPTY!!! I have to laugh at that even tho' it still makes wonder if there are seriously monkeys behind the desks out there. I understand one or two mistakes, but what's the score NOW???

    Computer glitch - check
    No one answering phones for orders - check (costs overseas people hundreds of dollars)
    Don't return e-mails - check
    Leave people with questions on hold for hours - check
    Charge people $85+ in shipping - check (perhaps this was a charge to cover the empty boxes they had to ship out)
    Completely ignore numerous questions regarding whether or not kits be made available again - check
    Charge people's account 6 weeks before they even intend to ship kits! - check
    Deliver kits with broken binders - check
    LIE saying they will credit people whose kits aren't shipping yet and don't do it - check
    Deliver empty boxes to people - check + hilarious!
    Send e-mails to people who have a kit that their account will be credited till their kits ships - check
    Send NO e-mails to people on backorder giving them NO information about a credit and still not crediting them - check

    I just can't believe it. I'm giving my money to my local scrapbooking store next time.

  15. Yep, thats right EMPTY BOX. I got that prize. When I called the same ole, same ole. Will credit, will resend when it comes in (gave a somewhat date, probably thought that would make me happy). What I know for sure is... I don't have a kit and I really want one. We will just have to pool together and those who get extra kits keep us non-kit owners in mind. I'm willing to pay the kit price (box included):) and s/h. Will not pay the high e-bay price. Keep me in mind bockmsbm@aol.com


  16. I don't know why they just don't update with this website with the correct information. That would save ALOT of calls to customer service.

    I think that they have taken us customers for granted and have forgotten us. Just like I've forgotten to renew my CK subscription.

  17. Please keep me in mind too, if someone out there receives an extra kit! I live in Canada and pay for shipping whatever the cost!!!!

  18. CK, wow, where are you guys? Please just give us an answer.

  19. My friend got the same email as previous posters...and already received her kit. I'm on backorder, no email.

    I called customer service and he said that they sent the emails to the wrong batch of customers. He said that the credits were being finished up this week.

    In the email, I believe my friend said the backordered shipment should arrive at the end of February. So I'm thinking mid-March before we receive boxes. Hopefully not empty boxes...

  20. My recent emails with CK:

    What's the deal? Still no word.

    Are you going to make more kits or not?

    I have subscribed to your magazine for several years now and am extremely unhappy with this whole fiasco.

    What's even more frustrating is NO WORD out of Creating Keepsakes. I have read "We are working on it." That's not good enough. What does that mean? Will we EVER have another opportunity to order this kit?

    Information would be good here.
    Hi Sharon,

    Due to our production process and the way the KOTM program works, we order kits according to what we project our requests will be. We are always working a few months in advance. While we knew this kit would be popular, we were simply overwhelmed by the demand for Project 365. All this interest even caused the website to crash. Now, as you see, we have sold out in just a few short hours—a new record. We are just as excited as you are about this amazing concept and we want you to be able to save your year’s worth of memories with this wonderful kit. We hear your demands and are making all efforts to have a game plan in place to order more soon.

    Please know that the frustrations you’ve expressed do not fall on deaf ears. We do hear them as we try to improve the process each time.

    Please be patient and stay tuned to Becky’s blog and the KOTM blog for additional information as soon as it becomes available. She also has some free downloads available here:


    Please feel free to contact me with any further questions or concerns,

    -Vivian, CK Media

    Thank you for your response. However, I'm still hearing the same ole, same ole. "We . . . are making all efforts to have a game plan in place to order more soon." What efforts? What game plan? What is your definition of soon?

    Not trying to shoot the messenger here - just trying to get some concrete answers. I still don't have an answer to the most important question, "Will additional kits be available and if so, when?" Even a "yes" and a ballpark estimate would be welcome at this point.

    Thanks again for responding so quickly.


  21. I am one of those too, who was so excited to have finally received a box from CK this week (3 weeks after I ordered it!). Imagine my disappointment when I opened the box only to find the foam stamp set I ordered, but no Project 365!! Guess what else, the shipping invoice and my credit card were charged for both the Project 365 and foam stamps. But no Project 365. Hopefully it will arrive some time before 2010! This is a disaster for CK!

  22. I will just throw it out there too, if anyone does receive a new order or more kits then they need I would love to buy one from you! I will cover all the costs, plus s little extra if necessary!

  23. Vivian,

    I'm not sure who sent you or if you took it upon yourself, but thank you for the responce to the posts.

    BUT we know about how popular the kits is and we know you sold out in just a few short hours and we know things crashed.

    What we don't know is the following:

    Will our Credit Cards be refunded?
    Will we be able to order more kits?
    Will we be able to trust Creating Keepsakes again?

    The trust is gone for me right now, please tell that to the "NON-deaf ears and think about this, Why not have the "Project 365" the kit of the month for February, March and until the need is not there. I'm sure you will make money (many want this kit!), and I'm pretty sure you have a lot of unhappy people who are NOT willing to purchace anything from your kit of the month right now. Or at least until they can trust your company again.

    Sue B.

  24. Any extra kits?

    I am still looking for the 365 kit too? I'll cover all your costs (including shipping) and throw in extras. Save eBay costs and I will negotiate with you. I am just tired of waiting!


  25. Okay, so I did something I really should not have. I got sucked into bidding on one of these kits on ebay, (just couldn't keep my finger off of that "place bid" button) really didn't think I'd end up winning, but did. So now I'm feeling really guilty about it, and thinking if there is anyone out there who wants to pay the outrageous price I did for this kit I would be happy to send it too you. The price with shipping is $210 (I know, I know...) anyway if you are interested email me at logdoghill@gmail.com

  26. Thank you! I was on vacation to Europe during the Inauguration and I really wanted a photo.